Linda Scheele

Entrepreneur – Teacher – Motivator –  Inspirational Speaker


Linda has owned four businesses in the past 30 years. About 9 years ago, Linda started taking yoga lessons. Practicing Yoga had a tremendous effect on her mind, body and brain. Five years ago after owning 3 businesses, she decided to become a yoga teacher and opened up My Restorative Yoga.

Linda became certified in Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Cancer Yoga Sampoorna Yoga (Hatha) and Yoga Nidra Meditation. She also is a Reiki Master. A year ago her DVD “Chair Yoga with Linda Scheele” came out and soon after, her CD “Yoga Nidra with Linda Scheele” was released.

Linda became a Professional Speaker 4 years ago and opened up Aging in Reverse. She joined Toastmasters and decided to take her message, her story and her gifts to the stage. Her topics are Health & Wellness and Aging in Reverse. As Linda teaches, “We have a tremendous amount of control over our health that goes untapped.”

Recently Linda decided to merge her two companies into one “Linda Scheele”. Starting an online business teaching yoga, meditation, workshops and speaking engagements that are both entertaining and inspirational is her latest venture.

“I look forward to having you join me on line. Take classes in the comfort of your own home” Linda